About Us


Founder & Senior Move Manager

Hello!  And welcome to The Relocation Project.  

I'm Andrea, Founder & Senior Move Manager.  The Relocation Project was born out of an unexpected set of circumstances.  Sure, I learned to love and master the art of moving by virtue of being a military spouse for over 16 years, but I never considered it as a career possibility.  While stationed in California, I stumbled upon a position with a Senior Move Management company and soon realized I had found my calling.  Senior Move Management felt like second nature to me and I quickly excelled in the job, providing the kind of moving service I always desired, but never received during our many moves.

So, when my husband retired from the Coast Guard in mid 2018, and landed a job in beautiful Carlisle flying for Life Lion EMS, I saw an opportunity to begin my own Senior Move Management Company.  I know the physical and emotional aspects of downsizing and moving can be daunting, and I am honored to be able to serve others during a time that can often feel difficult and overwhelming.   




My job with The Relocation Project found me. To me, a job that finds you is a God thing.

It is truly fulfilling to be able to hear what the clients needs are and to be able to meet those needs with each organization, downsize and or move.

Moments hearing the clients past memories are what I cherish most and hearing their current wishes and goals are a motivator to me to seek a way to assist them in reaching their goals.

I am blessed to be a part of The Relocation Project team and even more blessed with each new client I meet.



I am very excited to be part of the The Relocation Project team. The company's mission of providing a service to help others in the local community align with my own values. It is very fulfilling to help clients pack up their homes and then to help them through the transition of setting up their new space. I am very fortunate to be apart of a team that considers the clients needs ahead of all other decisions.

I am a 2002 graduate of Lock Haven University with a degree in communications. I have had

careers in the restaurant industry as well as the fitness field. I volunteer my time at church and as a running coach. I enjoy long distance running and have raced over 20 marathons and ultra marathons. 



I enjoy working as a team to take care of our clients' belongings, and taking away as much of the stress associated with packing and unpacking as possible.  I try to reassure people that our focus is always on making the entire process easier on them through a friendly, thorough, and considerate work ethic.

I call myself a "Retired Army Wife," because I spent the 23 years of my husband's career as a professional volunteer.  I now get to volunteer in our local community at the farmers' market, on Carlisle Barracks, and most fulfilling to me, a local dog rescue.  We moved 16 times during those 23 years on active duty and my goal is to provide each client with the move I always hoped for by using my many positive and negative experiences as a guide.  



I spent 31 years as a military spouse, so I am very familiar with the challenges of transition!  

I believe that every season of life can be filled with joy, dignity, and purpose, so I really enjoy helping our clients with the details of their move so they can focus on embracing their new season.



As a military family, we have accrued seven cross country moves in five years.  

I have found that a nomadic lifestyle teaches you that it is the little things that matter.  It is wonderful, at the end of a move, to see our client's eye light up as they settle into the new chapter of their lives surrounded by the little things that are heartfelt joys.