How is The Relocation Project different from a mover?

Movers are great... at moving things, but there is so much more that goes into a successful move.  The Relocation Project is here to take the worry and work out of your move.  We handle all the details and minimize chaos and stress.  We put away dishes and make beds.  We hang artwork and set up your home the way you want it.  Our goal is complete client satisfaction and we won't accept anything less.    

What is the timeline for a typical move?

1. Free 1 hour Consultation

2. Sorting & Downsizing:  the time needed varies depending on the amount of belongings you have and how quickly you can make decisions about those items.  

3. Packing: typically one or two days before the actual move day. 

4. Move day: moving, unpacking, organizing, electronic set up, and hanging artwork usually all happen on the same day.  

Do you provide estimates and are they in writing?

Yes, we always start with a free one hour consultation in your home that will result in a written estimate.  

Will you help with hanging artwork?

Yes, we can hang most artwork.  However, if a piece is very delicate or very heavy we will recommend that you have it hung by someone else.

How do you know how to set up my hutch just like I had it?

We photograph everything before we begin working on your sorting, downsizing, organizing, moving, etc. We set up your home the way you want and the way you like.  It's a small thing that really helps a new place to quickly feel like home.