Our Services

Senior Relocation

 We specialize in helping older adults and their families with the process of downsizing and relocation.  We start by visiting the new space to take measurements and photos.  This allows us to create a floor plan that helps you make informed decisions on what to keep, sell or donate.  The items you decide will move to your new home are carefully packed and labeled.  Then, on move day, you take the day off and let us make your new house a home.  In every move we strive to lead with compassion, honor your memories & treasures, and reduce the stress a relocation causes. 

Move Planning

A move requires lots of planning and organizing.  Our tried and true move process ensures no details are overlooked.  Each move is different, but most include a combination of pre-move, move day and post-move work. Pre-move focuses on sorting, decision making, planning furniture layout, coordination of movers, communities and schedules, and careful packing.  Move day includes last minute packing, mover supervision and partial or complete express home set up.  Post-move work focuses on clearing any items left after the move.  

Downsizing & Organization

 Collecting items seems to be a fact of life.  But as life changes, so too do our needs and wants.  Our downsizing and organizing services can help you think about the items you own and whether they still add value to your life. 

 Would I buy this item again?  

Is this item still useful to me?  

Would friends or family want this item?  

Once items no longer needed have been identified, we can help by shipping items to friends and family, dropping off donations to your charity of choice or organizing a sale.  

Express Home Set Up

 Let us organize and set up your new space, often in just one day, using photos of your home as our guide.  You’ll arrive to an organized kitchen, toiletries in the shower and a freshly made bed.  Best of all, you’ll be able to spend your time adjusting to your new home rather than unpacking it!

Room to Room

Moving within a community can be just as stressful as moving into a community.  We are experienced at quickly moving rooms with minimal disruption to the resident.  We work hard to recreate the setup of the room, right down to the placement of wall hangings.  When re-creation is not possible, we consult with family members to find the best solution.  

A la Carte

Need help clearing out a house?

Or someone to help transfer utilities?

Just ask!  We're ready to help however we can... and if we can't help, we'll find someone that can!