Our team


Founder & Senior Move Manager

Hello!  And welcome to The Relocation Project.  

I'm Andrea, Founder & Senior Move Manager.  The Relocation Project was born out of an unexpected set of circumstances.  Sure, I learned to love and master the art of moving by virtue of being a military spouse for over 16 years, but I never considered it as a career possibility.  While stationed in California, I stumbled upon a position with a Senior Move Management company and soon realized I had found my calling.  Senior Move Management felt like second nature to me and I quickly excelled in the job, providing the kind of moving service I always desired, but never received during our many moves.

So, when my husband retired from the Coast Guard in mid 2018, and landed a job in beautiful Carlisle flying for Life Lion EMS, I saw an opportunity to begin my own Senior Move Management Company.  I know the physical and emotional aspects of downsizing and moving can be daunting, and I am honored to be able to serve others during a time that can often feel difficult and overwhelming.